Best Leather Recliner Reviews

Leather recliners are right up there with sectionals when it comes to advertisers trying to deceive you with trickery. There have been times where it has taken me an hour or more to verify the quality of material (or lack thereof for that matter) on a single piece of furniture.

My hope is to save you the time and energy, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours finding a recliner that is high quality, and instead you can just choose one you like and you’ll have my guarantee that it is good. I don’t put anything on here if I don’t think it is at least acceptable.

I only put some of my favorites here, so if you are looking around the internet and find something that you’re interested, feel free to send me a message and I’ll do the dirty work and research for you. That being said, let’s take a look at some recliners that exemplify quality!

Deqor Reviews

Pick #1: Mac Motion Leather Recliner ReviewMac Motion Recliner Review

Price: $800

Pros: This top grain leather recliner walks an interesting line between the classic and more modern look. Instead of the usual pop-up footrest, it comes with a separate ottoman, which gives it a lot more versatility. The other advantage that this particular design gives is that it has a 360-degree swivel, whereas many recliners are stationary. It also has multiple adjustable reclining positions, not just the classic “reclined or not reclined” options.

Cons: It isn’t as compact as many recliners. Since it doesn’t have that “tuck away” type footrest, the ottoman takes up extra room. On the appearance side of things, some people don’t like the bottom being visible. I have no issue with it, but that is a matter of personal preference.

Pick #2: Safavieh Buddy Italian Leather Recliner ReviewSafavieh Buddy Italian Leather Recliner

Price: $1,618

Pros: This recliner is made of birch wood and Italian top grain leather with brass nailheads. Safavieh usually does a great job at being honest about their materials, unlike many manufacturers. This recliner is simple, but classy.

Cons: It is a little pricey, but that is about it.


Pick #3: Barcalounger Presidential Recliner

Price: $1,424

Barcalounger Presidential Recliner ReviewPros: At this price, you had better know that this is top grain leather, and of course the usual hardwood frame and brass nailheads that go with this level of quality. This chair is built for style. Not to say that it isn’t comfortable as well, but your first that when you see it is “Wow…fancy”. It is called the Presidential recliner for a reason. It exudes power and influence.

Cons: It is quite pricey, and it doesn’t have quite the reclining versatility that some of the other recliners we’ve looked at have.

Company Integrity: I have said it elsewhere, but Deqor has given me one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. They are quick to respond, and incredibly helpful. Their staff is knowledgeable and will do whatever they have to to help answer your questions. Plus they have free shipping on everything.

Overall rating: 4.1. The biggest issue these guys have is product description thoroughness.It takes a good bit of searching to find the quality chairs, not because they don’t have them, but because their descriptions are very short. I like the simple approach. It stops them from overwhelming you with info, but it makes the searching a little tough. and it takes a little bit of searching to find them. Luckily I am pretty familiar with their products by now, so you can always ask me, and I will make sure you are getting quality stuff.

Hayneedle Recliner Reviews

Pick #1: Barcalounger Charleston Recliner ReviewsBarcalounger recliner reviews

Price: $540

Pros: This is a really good price for a top grain leather recliner. It is comfortable and almost universally loved for the quality and price.

Cons: There are a few who don’t love it. One customer in particular seemed to get a faulty chair, but Hayneedle does accept returns. It’s frame is made of pine and plywood, and I’m not a huge fan of plywood, but I guess that’s what you get for the price.

Pick #2: Abbyson Living Lexington Recliner ReviewAbbyson Living Recliner Reviews

Price: $885

Pros: Abbyson Living does good on their materials, using top grain leather and hardwood, with the classic brass nailheads. If I were to try to describe this recliner in one word, that word would be “cozy”. It is built for comfort and relaxation and it does its job well.

Cons: Nothing major. It’s price is about on par for what it offers. It doesn’t have anything super awesome amazing about it, but it doesn’t have any major drawbacks wither.

Pick #3: Barcalounger Briarwood II Review

Price: $1,424

Barcalounger Briarwood Recliner ReviewPros: This is like the Presidential Recliner’s less formal cousin. It has most the same features, including the top grain leather upholstery, the hardwood frame, the brass nailheads, and the solid inner workings. It just presents them in a different appearance. It is incredibly durable and comfortable.

Cons: The only con is that it is expensive. But you get what you pay for!

Company Integrity: I would put Hayneedle in the middle range of things. They don’t do anything wrong, or even questionable, but they also don’t do anything that makes me think “What an incredible company”. They deliver quality products at a good price, and have good customer service. They offer free shipping, and accept returns up to the standard timeframe of 30 days.

Overall Rating: 2.5. They also don’t have a whole lot of top grain options. It is tough to find a huge variety of quality furniture anywhere, and here is no different. There is a lot of bad mixed with the good. I still would recommend them in general. They do their job, and they do it fairly well.

Wayfair Reviews

Pick #1: Darby Home Company Power Recliner ReviewDarby Home Power Recliner Review

Price: $600

Pros: Top Grain Leather at this price is hard to come by, but here it is! It is a power recliner, so it reclines with a button instead of a lever, which makes it great for the older population, or for those of us who just like it when machines do things for us.  It also swivels, unlike many recliners, so you have some versatility. They have a decent warranty on it, but nothing too special.

Cons: Part of the frame is plywood, and I have a bit of a personal bias against plywood. But I would rather they skimp on quality of wood than quality of leather.

Pick #2: At Home Designs Belmont Leather Recliner ReviewAt Home Designs Recliner Reviews

Price: $890

Pros: Super padded top grain leather. This thing has cushions on its cushions. While it is quite stylish, it is primarily built for comfort. It is tall and wide to accommodate those who are bigger and taller and sometimes have trouble finding furniture that fits.

Cons: Price for product, there aren’t a lot of cons. I guess one would be that at the time I am writing this it is out of stock. But maybe that says something more as a pro than a con.

Pick #3: Human Touch Zero Gravity Recliner ReviewsZero Gravity Recliner Reviews

Price: $3,000

Pros: I just couldn’t help but put this one on here.  It is a little extreme, but the list of positive qualities only starts with it being top grain leather. It is like a super chair. It is inspired by a combination of insights from NASA and Far East healing arts. Who would have thought of combining those? It is a zero gravity recliner, which means it power reclines back to a position where your body is held almost weightless. In combination with that, it has jade stones in it that radiate infrared heat that not only conventionally heats you, but also is designed to penetrate about 3 inches deep into your skin to reduce inflammation, relieve joint and muscle pain, improve circulation, and speed cell recovery. That is the Far East healing techniques part. All around, just an interesting concept.

Cons: It costs $3,000. That is the main thing. For that price you could get a reclining massage chair from this same site, though they aren’t top grain leather. Regardless, it is pricey. It also doesn’t seem to be the most comfortable when not reclined. It is almost more of a therapy chair than a normal sitting chair.

Company Integrity: Wayfair is pretty solid. One of my favorite features from them is the manufacturer insights that they provide on each product. That gives you a fairly good idea of what you are buying. They do a good job at responding to questions and helping you with your purchase. All in all, they are good guys.

Overall Rating: 4. Wayfair has a fairly large selection of nice leather recliners, and they have them at all kinds of price ranges. Odds are you can find something here that is what you are looking for and fits your price range. They are still a big superstore, which always puts me on edge a little, but they do fairly well at still being approachable, so I don’t ding them  points for it.