Gloves hold a special place in my heart. I have an interesting condition called Raynaud’s Syndrome that causes me to be incredibly susceptible to the cold. Because of this, a good pair of gloves can often literally save my fingers from frostbite.  So I tend to be a bit picky about my gloves.

Kuc Leather GoodsKuc Leather Gloves- Best Winter Gloves Reveiws

Kuc Leather Goods is owned by Maciek Kuc, and based out of Poland. Poland has a history of being a rather chilly place itself, so he knows his stuff.

They provide a variety of different glove styles and leathers. Each of the leather types have their own specific areas they excel in.

Lamb Napa- Napa leather is an unofficial term for leather that is incredibly soft and has a smooth grain. This is the basic leather for many of Kuc’s gloves. It is a fairly lightweight leather that he generally gets from Italian tanneries.

Deerskin- Maciek uses deerskin most frequently in men’s gloves. It is a warmer and thicker leather than the Lamp Napa, and has a more rugged grain.

Elk/Reindeer Leather– Technically Elk and Reindeer are different, but their attributes are fairly similar. It is slightly thicker than deerskin, and also incredibly warm. The grain on elkskin is very similar to deerskin.

Chacoan Peccary Gloves

This is a peccary. They aren’t the prettiest animals, but they make beautiful leather.

Peccary- Peccary leather is the most sought after luxury leather, especially in Europe. While you would never think of it by looking at a peccary, their leather is the peak of durability, softness, and strength.

The peccaries are from the woods of South America, and the sale of their hide is restricted without CITES certification. All of Kuc’s peccary leather gloves come with the CITES Certificate to verify the lawfulness of your product.

Maciek provides a solid variety of high quality leather glove options, and does so at an incredibly reasonable price. It would be very difficult to find the quality that he provides for the price anywhere else.

The only downside to his gloves is that they aren’t quite as heavily insulated as the next glove maker that we will talk about. They are a great option for pretty much every situation except the most frigid of environments.

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Also be sure to get a visual in-depth look inside these gloves in the review video below!