One of the greatest benefits of leather gifts and products is that they are often completely customizable. Since most people that work with full grain leather are skilled hands on craftsmen, they are frequently able to make custom orders, sometimes at the same price as their stock items! You can get a personalized leather gift for your loved ones of just about any kind. You can get custom holsters, wallets, purses, belts, gloves etc. You can even buy personalized leather dog collars!

What kind of customization?

If you want a pair of bright blue and green chaps with fringe, you can have them!

If you want a pair of bright blue and green chaps with fringe, you can have them!

The possibilities are near endless. If you just think that leather comes in various shades of black and brown, think again. Leather can be dyed to be just about any color of the rainbow! Not only does it come in different colors, but it also comes in different textures. Exotic leathers such as ostrich, alligator, snake, stingray, and more are all available at certain places. Often these are quite expensive, but normal cowhide leather can be made to have the appearance of these exotic leathers. One of the best wallets I ever had looked like it was off the back of a snake. We affectionately referred to it as “fake snake”, and it lasted for years.

Tooled Leather

Though it has seen years of wear and tear, you can still see the intricate artwork on this Mexican wallet.

You can have leather workers tool patterns, names, pictures, and just about anything into your leather products. Some of these artisans are incredibly skilled and can make incredibly intricate details. Start throwing in contrasting colors and dyes, and you can have some incredible works of art that are unrivaled.