The next company lined up for our company spotlight/review is Leather Coats Etc. As usual, we’ll try to keep our review as unbiased and accurate as possible, highlighting both the positive and negative qualities of each company.

About Leather Coats Etc.

Leather Coats Etc is an American based company that, surprise surprise, sells leather coats and other various articles of clothing. “Etc” here means a lot of things, including hats, footwear, luggage, skirts, pants, gloves, and handbags. In their words their “selection of sizes is unparalleled”, and they may be right. They have some products that go as large as size 62!

How’s The Quality?Leather Coats Etc Coupon And Review

These guys run the full spectrum when it comes to leather quality. They have everything from super nice top grain leather coats to blatantly faux leather stuff. Even though I don’t always agree with the material choice, I understand that they want to provide lower price options for people on a budget. More important than my leather purist tendencies is this companies transparency.

Unlike most companies that sell both real and fake leather, there is no attempt at deceit. The first word of almost every fake leather product is “faux”. They aren’t trying to trick you into thinking that the fake leather is real. They are just providing it as a potential cheaper alternative, and I appreciate that. In fact, I respect that honesty and transparency a lot, as it lets me tell you that when you shop from them, you can get exactly what they tell you you’ll get. Just be sure that the product you are buying meets your personal material quality standard.

And Price?

I don’t know if I know any company that is as proactive at providing discounts as Leather Coats Etc. Whatever the season is, they are probably running a sale that fits. At the time of writing this (Spring 2017), they have a 25{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} off sale on the entire store! That may change over time, but there is often a sale. Their prices range from affordable to luxury depending on whether you are looking at a faux leather jacket or a real fur coat.

How About Customer Service?

When it comes to returns, their policy is simple. You have 30 days to return something for credit, exchange, or refund. In my experience, they are a very responsive company that is willing to work things out with you and answer any questions that you may have. I would not hesitate to reach out to them.

Anything Else I Should Know?

They have a constantly updating clearance rack with insane deals! Everything I said earlier about various qualities still applies, but you can sure get some amazing deals there.


As a whole, I really like Leather Coats Etc as a company. I don’t necessarily love all their products, but I’m a fan of a lot of them. Most of all, I like their honesty and the fact that they care enough about all of you to give you a discount!

As always, if you have a company or product you want reviewed, leave a comment and let me know. I’ll get on it as soon as possible!