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Best Sectional Sofa Reviews

Sectionals are incredibly popular to give your living room a nice look as well as versatile seating options. Sectional sofas are also incredibly difficult to find in real leather. The imitations are everywhere. I would be willing to make up the statistic that only 1 in 20 leather sectionals that you look at are actually made of leather, though that number is entirely estimated and is effected by the price range you view.

Finding top or full-grain leather sectionals has been somewhat of a nightmare for me. They are as tricky as ever with their wording using phrases like “Heavy Duty recycled leather”, which is a fancy way of saying Bonded Leather. I’ve also seen phrases like LeatherSoft Upholstery, which implies nice soft leather, but if you investigate further you will find the LeatherSoft is a brand of…you guessed it! Bonded Leather!

They refer to it as “leather mixed with polyurethane”, which is right on, but it is mostly polyurethane. However, after many hours of searching, I have found some good solid sofas, at a variety of budget options.

Affordable Leather Sectionals

To find the cheapest leather sectionals, it isn’t surprising that you need to head to Amazon. I am very cautious about sending people to Amazon for leather goods, because it is incredibly difficult to verify the quality of materials from their many third-party vendors. However, it is the best place to go if you want real leather on a budget. I’ve done my best to vet these products to ensure that you can buy them knowing that you will be getting real leather and not a cheap imitation.

Pick #1: Casa Andrea Milano Sofa with OttomanCasa Andrea Leather Sectional

Price: $1,187.24

Pros: This is the most affordable “sectional” sofa that is made of top-grain leather I’ve been able to find. If you want all the durability and benefits of leather at a fraction of the usual price, this is the buy for you. It comes in brown and black varieties, with the black version being slightly cheaper.

Cons: Calling it a sectional might be a bit of a stretch. It is a sofa with a matching ottoman. I also haven’t personally bought this sofa, so I can’t vouch for the durability of the stitching or other components.

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Mid-Range Leather Sectionals

This is a great price range, for people with a budget between $2,000-$5,000. Most people should be able to find something they like in this range, and for a small price increase you can really take a step up in quality of materials, customer service, warranties, and more.

Pick #2: Kardiel Florence Knoll Style Sectional SofaKardiel Florence Knoll Style Sofa Sectional

Price: $2,512.82

Pros: Kardiel is a great brand with a wonderful reputation. They do use high-quality leather for their furniture. This sofa also comes with several “quality of life” improvements that you won’t find in the cheaper option above. These include things like floor protection pads on the legs, reinforced cushions, and more.

Cons: If you have small children, you may want to watch them around the buttons. Generally in furniture the buttons are a tempting plaything for kids, and can be popped off if you want it bad enough.

I’m a big fan of Kardiel. They put a lot of care into their products, and they have exceptional warranties, great customer service, and a 1-year in-home trial period for furniture. Because of all that, I would recommend buying their products from them directly. You may pay a little bit more than if you were to buy them off Amazon, but I generally think the added perks (and the benefit of supporting the company directly) make it worthwhile. This is extra important if you are financing your purchase. I would rather my financing be through a smaller company than through a behemoth like Amazon. But in the end, that choice is up to you.

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*MY TOP PICK* Pick #3: Kardiel Woodrow Box 100″ Leather Sofa SectionalWoodrow Box Sofa Sectional

Price: $3,894

Pros: I won’t downplay it, I love this sectional. I’m a big fan of the classic “wood & leather” look, and this piece combines them in a way that also blends perfectly with modern decor. Clean, elegant, and built with incredibly high-quality materials. It even has a fairly wide range of color options. I can’t say enough good about this one.

Cons:  I don’t have many cons here. As long as you can afford it and it doesn’t drastically clash with your decor, I don’t have anything bad to say.

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Pick #4:  Woodrow Neo Sectional Sofa

Price: $4,690

Pros: This has many of the same pros as the Woodrow listed above, but not all of them. It has the same wood and leather look, and the same high-quality materials. Whether it is a pro or not is up to the individual, but it has a tufted cushion that gives it a more classic look, instead of the sleeker modern look seen in the previous Woodrow.

Cons: Fewer color options, slightly smaller, and I personally don’t like to style quite as much. That is a personal taste thing, but I honestly feel like you are paying more for a very similar sofa to the one listed in #3, but smaller and with fewer colors.

As I said above, it is worth noting that Kardiel has a year-long trial period for their furniture, so you can see how it looks and feels in your house risk-free. Between that and the fairly generous warranties, I support buying directly from Kardiel. However, you can also buy from Amazon if that’s a big thing for you.

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High-End Luxury Sectionals

This covers sectionals priced $5000 and up.  It’s important to be discerning in this price range. At this point you are most likely paying for one or more of three things.

  1. Brand
  2. Style
  3. Size

The materials used at this level are good, but not any better than the ones in the mid-range price. If you have the money and want a specific style of sofa, I would say go for it. Same goes for size. It makes sense to pay more for more stuff, and some of these sofas are way bigger than their mid-range counterparts. But paying extra for a brand name doesn’t make much sense here. As long gas the quality of materials and construction are good, it doesn’t matter much, and the whole point of this list is to make sure you buy something high quality.

Pick #5: Warner Leather Chesterfield Sectional SofaWarner Leather Chesterfield Sectional Sofa

Price: $5,770

Pros: The whole couch is made of leather. None of that vinyl stuff or bonded leather. It has the classic antique nailhead trim, and the fancy “tufted” look.

Cons: It’s pretty pricey.

Pick #6: Nolita Tan 2-Piece Sectional

Nolita Tan Leather 2 Piece Sectional Sofa

Price: $6,190

Pros: This has a cleaner, more modern look than the Chesterfield shown above. It is made entirely of top grain leather, which is the best you are likely to get in a sectional. The hardwood frame combined with the top grain leather means this sectional will likely last a ridiculously long time.

Cons: As long as you like the modern look and it is in your price range, there aren’t a lot of cons here.

Zin Home has a very similar model that is also available in a darker brown, but it is more expensive.

Pick #7: Woodrow Box 126″ Leather U-SectionalWoodrow 126 inch Box Sectional

Price: $6,487

Pros: This is just the bigger version of the Woodrow Box I listed as my favorite at #3 above. All of the things I love about it still apply here, though it does have fewer color options. Still, amazing quality and one of my favorite sectionals of all time stylistically.

Cons: This is a big sofa. At 10 feet long and 5 feet deep, this takes up a good chunk of space and has a price tag to match. It is a really cool sectional, but it is more niche than some of the smaller ones.

Company Review

This list isn’t just about helping you find good products. We also want to help you find good companies. This section will break down each company mentioned in this article, addressing things like warranties, customer service, ease of returns, transparency, general quality, and more. Each company will receive a rating from -5 to 5 with 0 being neutral.

Amazon Company Review

Company Integrity: The one sectional on this list that is sold exclusively on Amazon is actually an Amazon product, not a 3rd party selling through Amazon. I used to be a big Amazon supporter, but in the last few years they have become really brutal to their employees and partners, and distinguishing between quality and garbage products has become more and more difficult. Fake reviews and false advertising are rampant, and it’s hard to know what to trust. They are included in this list solely because they had the cheapest top grain sectional that we could find, and we wanted to provide a budget option for people that like high quality leather.

Overall Rating: 0. Remember that 0 is neutral here. Amazon isn’t inherently evil or bad, but I’d rather support smaller businesses trying to make high-quality products. I believe in voting with my wallet, and I really don’t think that Jeff Bezos needs to be any richer than he is.

Kardiel Company Review

Company Integrity: You may have noticed that many of the sectionals in this list come from Kardiel. That’s because I really like Kardiel. They have always been a pleasure to work with and have provided very personalized care. They have a 365 day trial period for purchases and are generous with returns and repairs. It’s a family business, they are incredibly transparent about what their materials are and where they are from, and they don’t sell a single leather item that isn’t top-grain.

Overall Rating: 5. I have no complaints about Kardiel. As far as online furniture buying goes, they check all my boxes.

Zin Home Company Review

Company Integrity: Zin Home is a smaller, more “local” company. Obviously local depends on where you live, but they are based in the United States, and aren’t one of the massive online furniture brands. They have more of a “Mom and Pop” feel. They offer free shipping on everything, all the time. Their furniture is quite expensive, but they are quite transparent in their pricing and advertising.

Overall Rating: 3 (due to limited options). They lack variety when it comes to good top grain sectionals, but what they do have is very good. If you have the budget for it, and like the styles of these sectionals, you will be getting high-quality pieces.