Best Leather Chair Reviews

In the world of furniture “Leather Chairs” can mean a lot of different things. For the most part we are probably going to look at “club chairs” or “accent chairs”. So for our review we will look at both of those, as well as any other leather chair that doesn’t recline and isn’t a chaise lounge. This is kind of our catch-all category. You can find reviews of leather office chairs here, or you can find recliners here.

Tier 1 – “Cheap” Leather Chairs (<$1500)

If you’ve spent any time at all on LeatherFacts, you know that we don’t encourage the purchase of cheap leather products. However, there are times when you can’t afford the highest end products out there. The chairs available in tier 1 are all still made with top or full-grain leather, as well as other durable materials. We won’t ever recommend a product that won’t last a long time, because we believe in the “buy it once” philosophy, instead of having to replace your furniture every 3 years.

Marlow Modern Vintage Leather Wing ChairPick #1: Marlow Modern Vintage Leather Wing Chair

Price: $1,190

Pros: This one is pretty simple and straightforward. This chair is made out of leather and hardwood. Sturdy construction, simple design. This is a good chair if you like a thick, comfortable cushion but not a lot of flashy design.

Cons: It is just very plain. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you are looking for a simple look.

Tier 2 – High-End Leather Chairs

Pick #1: Larkin Vintage Cigar Distressed Leather Club ChairLarkin Vintage Cigar Distressed Leather Club Chair

Price: $1,970

Pros: Top grain leather, solid ash, and brass nailhead trim come together to make a sturdy chair that maintains a classic, elegant look. The strength of the component materials mean that this chair will age beautifully, and is unlikely to sustain damage unless it really gets beat up. It has a simple enough look that it doesn’t look super old-fashioned, while not seeming too ultra-modern.

Cons: Not a lot of cons as long as it fits your budget.

Pick #2: Warner Leather Chesterfield Arm ChairWarner Leather Chesterfield Arm Chair

Price: $2,249

Pros: This is a fancy chair. It is made from incredibly high-quality materials, and it is made to look fancy. I would classify it as having the “overstuffed” look, meaning it just looks incredibly poofy. It also has matching sectionals, sofas, and ottomans, so you can make a full living room set out of it.

Cons: This chair looks very old-fashioned. That can work incredibly well in the right home, but if you are going for a sleek, modern look, this will not match at all.