This! This is what originally inspired me to create this entire website. Nothing frustrates me more than overpriced, inferior quality wallets. And they are everywhere! You aren’t even paying for quality, you are paying for a name brand. I am going to stop there before i go on a giant rant, but needless to say, I’m pretty passionate about this one.

FoxCreek Wallet Review – Good Product, Good Price

Price: $10-$44.50 Fox Creek Wallet

Pros: They have a wallet for every need. Some people like the slim minimalist wallets, and some people like to be able to shove everything and their dog in their pocket. FoxCreek has a wallet for both those people and everyone in between, including those who just want an ID holder or coin pouch. They are made of high quality leather, and free shipping, and for the quality they provide, they have very reasonable prices.

Cons: They are fairly limited in their color scheme, usually just black or brown, and they don’t put a whole lot into wallet customization. They are more of plain and simple “get the job done well, don’t break the bank” type wallets.

Company Integrity: As far as company review goes, FoxCreek is awesome. They offer free shipping, they do returns, they are incredibly transparent and forward about their methods. Plus, being from Wyoming, I am a sucker for a small town, family run business, which they are. Plus their customer support very friendly and helpful, not to mention incredibly fast at responding.

Overall Rating: 3. For your every day needs, these guys are probably the way to go. They lack the specialization of some of their competitors, but if you just want a good wallet, for a fair price, I would recommend them.

SaddleBack Leather Wallet Review- Best Long TermValue

Men's leather wallets

Minimalist leather wallet

Price: $14-$169

Pros: The tagline on their medium wallet reads “The last wallet you will ever need”. Honestly, it may be the last wallet your children ever need. They have a 100 year warranty, so it may be the last wallet your grandkids ever need.

Men's Leather wallets

The BIG wallet

They also have size options, from the minimalist, to the BIG leather wallet and everything in between.

Cons: They don’t do flashy. They don’t do anything frilly. They do leather. You can’t really customize them or make them unique.

Company Integrity: I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I like these guys. They are unique, funny, and have an incredible backstory. Plus they are very involved and transparent. For example, that driver’s license in the BIG wallet is Dave’s, the company owner, actual driver’s license! You can tell they are real people just doing what they love.

Overall Rating: 4.5. They have everything a wallet buyer could need except customization. They are a little pricier, but you make up for it in the long run.

Story Leather Review- Customization Options

Price: $170-$280Men's leather wallet

Pros: Incredible customization options.The people over at Story Leather do a great job with customization. They have dozens of different basic wallet models, but then on top of that they also allow you to choose from over 125+ varieties of leather, all full grain of course. They are also all hand made, one at a time due to the customization nature of their business, so it is very personal.

Cons: Price. If you want a wallet that is personalized to you, you are going to pay for it. I would personally say that is their biggest drawback in my book.

Company Integrity: Noble, and motivated. They are a little sneaky in their advertising, but in a good way. They advertise their products as “Genuine Leather” a lot, when it is full grain leather.I assume they do that just so it catches people eye, because they really have a better product. That’s like advertising your steak as ground beef. They also have a reason for their high prices. They donate a portion of their proceeds to charities as a give back campaign. Their name also has a great backstory. If you get nothing else from this review, at least read these two pages and admire the sense of self worth and artistry it gives you.

Overall Rating: 3. I love what they stand for, I love the message they teach, I love the donations, I love the customization. However, the price is high for such a small article. They still get a three, which means if you are someone with money to spare that wants a cool product that is uniquely you, these guys are a good place to go.

 Bloomington Review- Too Much For Too Little


Pros: You get a recognized brand, so there are a lot more coupons and stuff that go with that. They are rather pretty and fashionable, and very fitting to the latest trends.

Cons: Expensive, first and foremost. As well as not near as durable as the other wallets we have looked at on this site.

Company Integrity: This is a big business, so you are not going to get the personalized attention that you get from the smaller websites. They do have a very open return policy that doesn’t have a specific time limit, which I will give them credit for.

Overall Rating: 0. Remember that in this scale, a 0 is neutral. I’m not going to tell you not to shop at Bloomington’s for wallets. Some of their $40 dollar ones aren’t a total abomination for that price, but there are way better options on this page that I would recommend way sooner.