Best Leather Recliner Reviews

Leather recliners are right up there with sectionals when it comes to advertisers trying to deceive you with trickery. There have been times where it has taken me an hour or more to verify the quality of material (or lack thereof for that matter) on a single piece of furniture.

My hope is to save you time and energy, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours finding a recliner that is high quality, and instead you can just choose one you like and you’ll have my guarantee that it’s good. I don’t put anything on here if I don’t think it is at least acceptable.

I only put some of my favorites here, so if you are looking around the internet and find something that you’re interested, feel free to send me a message and I’ll do the dirty work and research for you. That being said, let’s take a look at some recliners that exemplify quality! We’ll start at the cheapest ones and work our way up!

Pick #1: Abbyson Living Broadway Recliner ReviewAbbyson Broadway Leather Recliner Review

Price: $634.49

Pros: It doesn’t get much more affordable than this for top grain leather recliners. It’s also a power recliner, unlike many other recliners in this guide. This gives you a lot more reclining options than just the standard “reclined or not”.

Cons: This is a low price for a real leather recliner, so you don’t have the quality that you have at higher budgets. The footrest has a tendency of needing some extra force to put down, which indicates lower quality internal mechanisms. The entire thing isn’t real leather. The back and sides are a leather match, so it is only the seat that is real. Also not uncommon for this price. Lastly, several people reported the color turning to a red or pink over time. It isn’t uncommon for leather to change color over time, but it usually gets darker and shinier. A complete color change especially to a lighter color may indicate a poor dye job.

That may sound like a lot of cons, but it is still probably the best leather recliner you will find at this price.

Pick #2: Mac Motion Leather Recliner ReviewMac Motion Recliner Review

Price: $800 (give or take depending on color)

Pros: This top grain leather recliner walks an interesting line between the classic and more modern look. Instead of the usual pop-up footrest, it comes with a separate ottoman, which gives it a lot more versatility. The other advantage that this particular design gives is that it has a 360-degree swivel, whereas many recliners are stationary. It also has multiple adjustable reclining positions, not just the classic “reclined or not reclined” options.

Cons: It isn’t as compact as many recliners. Since it doesn’t have that “tuck away” type footrest, the ottoman takes up extra room. On the appearance side of things, some people don’t like the bottom being visible. I have no issue with it, but that is a matter of personal preference.

Pick #3: Barcalounger Briarwood II Review

Price: $1,424

Barcalounger Briarwood Recliner ReviewPros: There isn’t much to say about this one. it is kind of the quintessential tufted recliner. It has all the standard features, including the top grain leather upholstery, the hardwood frame, the brass nailheads, and the solid inner workings. It is incredibly durable and comfortable.

Cons: The only con is that it is expensive. But you get what you pay for! This is going to be a theme as we get into higher price ranges.

Pick #4: Harrison Recliner by UniversalHarrison Recliner by Universal

Price: $1,725

Pros: This recliner has a wood frame and is made out of Moore & Giles leather with brass nailheads. Moore & Giles is a high-quality leather supplier, so we can feel confident in the material quality. The style is a more “classic” look that wouldn’t feel out of place in most comfy living room or office setups.

Cons: It is a little pricey, and it isn’t really very different from the Briarwood above, but it costs a good bit more.

Pick #5: Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman

Price: $5,295

Eames Leather Recliner And OttomanPros: This is perhaps the most praised chair of all time. Personally, I love the style. It looks sleek and modern while at the same time retaining the classic leather and wood appearance. It is made from incredibly high-quality materials. The designers of the chair, Ray & Charles Eames are a big deal in the world of design. To illustrate that point, this chair has been featured in multiple museums including the New York Museum of Modern Art and the Chicago Art Institute. This is a very critically acclaimed chair.

Something I like about it, especially when you buy it from Smart Furniture, is that you can pick from seven different leather options. And I don’t mean colors. These are different types of leather that vary in tanning method, finish, and origin. While all the options are good, it lets you customize the chair in a way befitting a discerning leather connoisseur.

Cons: The cons are all in the price. While you are paying plenty for high-quality design and phenomenal materials that will last a lifetime, you are also likely paying a bit for the prestige and name that come with this chair.

Pick #6: Comfort Designer Palmer II ReclinerBarcalounger recliner reviews

Price: Depends on options

Pros: I’m including this one really because I just like how it looks. It breaks away from the normal “La-Z-Boy” type recliner look, and I love the more rustic design.

Cons: I don’t know how much this thing costs. I’ve contacted Carolina Rustica to determine the details about the price, materials, etc. But I haven’t received a response yet. Once I do, I will update this article with more details. For the moment, there are quite a few cons, but I sure love how it looks.