Best Leather Office Chair Reviews

Whether you work from home or sit in an office building, everyone wants a comfortable office chair. Odds are that you spend close to 8 hours in it each day, so it needs to be good. Finding the best leather office chair will depend a lot on your circumstances. I know we don’t all have the same budget, so I’m going to try to include some price variety, starting at the cheapest and working my way up. If none of the chairs on this page work for you, reach out on our chat widget and we’ll help you find your personal best chair.

Do note that like most furniture, you are mostly only going to find top grain leather options because full-grain leather tends to be excessively thick for upholstery. So top grain leather is the best you will get.

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Aleda Strada

Top grain leather seating, but fake arms and sides. Very low cost.

Mayline HighBack

All top grain leather, medium price, not too flashy. Just a good, comfortable, durable chair.

Maximillian Executive

Top grain leather and hardwood. Well made, but high priced and has a fancier style that doesn't suit everyone.

Triune Executive

A more modern executive chair. Still all top grain leather, and still a fancier style and high price, but with a cleaner look than others.

Alera Strada Leather Office Chair

Pick #1: Alera Strada Leather Office Chair

Price: $298

Pros: This is my low price pick. You can find chairs that are cheaper, but this is the best chair you can get for a low price. It is  Top Grain Italian Leather on all seating areas, easily assembled, adjustable, and has a nice padded back and arms. Basic, but high quality.

Cons: Not super fancy. It is just a black leather office chair. The entire thing isn’t leather. The non-seating areas are a leather match, but that will always be the case at this price.

Pick #2: Mayline High-Back ChairMid Back Leather Office Chair

Price: $570

Pros: Just the fact that this is all Top Grain leather is impressive, since most of the chairs in this price category are part leather, and then part matched vinyl or nylon. This thing is built for comfort. It is super padded, and has a vast array of adjustments and tilts including swivel, seat adjustment, tilt, tilt tension, tilt lock, and synchronized knee tilt. Plus free shipping!

Cons: Built for comfort, not style. Like the previous pick, it looks rather plain and only comes in black. It looks like…well an office chair.

Pick #3: Seven Seas Maximilian Executive ChairLeather Executive Office Chair

Price: $1,289

Pros:  Again, all top grain leather, plus the base material is solid wood, which I think is always a nice touch. It has the usual seat and tilt adjustments and swivel. This chair is super padded and isn’t just built for comfort, but is meant to be stylish. If you are wanting one of the classiest looking chairs around, this is the one. It says “Even if I’m not the CEO, I probably should be”. That must be why it is called the executive chair. And, as an added bonus, free inside delivery.

Cons: The main downside is that it’s quite pricey, and the style can be a bit too ostentatious. In the right setting, this chair can be nice, but it would stand out in a gaudy way in the wrong setting.

Pick #4: Triune Executive ChairGenuine+Leather+Executive+Chair

Price: $1,339

Pros:  Again, all top grain leather. This chair has a much fancier look that is standard for executive chairs, but it is a more modern look than the executive chair above. I think it’s going to seem less out of place in most office settings than the executive chair above.

Cons: The price is the biggest con. You have to have the budget for this to work.