We have a whole article talking about Texas Leather Trim Inc as a company, so we will keep the overview brief, and you can read that article if you want more detail on them. What’s important right now is that one of the great products they make are custom leather coasters that can be monogrammed to fit your needs.


There isn’t a whole lot to go into detail about with the construction of coasters. These coasters are just one piece of solid leather, about 8-10 oz. The edges are finished, and the bottom has been sealed with a laminant because coasters are in such frequent contact with liquid. In the middle of each coaster is the monogram burned into the leather. The ones we have pictured here show the TLT logo, but can be replaced with anything.

TLT Custom Leather Coasters Review 2


These leather coasters have a simple and classy appearance. The leather is consistently colored, and the finished edges give a more refined look. When personalized with your initials, they give off a feeling of refinement, without being overbearingly flashy. The simple yet attractive appearance also helps them serve as functional coasters, as people are sometimes hesitant to use coasters that look too fancy.┬áThese would fit in well in a home with a more rustic decor, though they wouldn’t be too out of place in any home.

These are non rimmed coasters, and since they are made of only one piece of leather, there is no stitching. This makes spilling any loose liquid more likely, and also makes them a little less eye-catching. TLT offers other coasters with stitching or rims, but since I haven’t used them personally, I can’t attest to their effectiveness. I would assume if built similarly to these ones, they would fulfill their job well.


The summary is about as simple as the rest of the review. The coasters are pretty, well constructed, and do their job well. The particular ones we’ve pictured are a little more on the basic side, and if you are going for a higher end look, you may want to search out rimmed or more heavily stitched alternatives. If you are going for a basic, rustic, and functional piece, then these coasters will fit the bill.