Anything can be a business. This point is made very clear by Luke, a college student who started his own business selling these:

Kangaroo Leather Coin Purse

If you thought “Wow, what a nice leather coin purse!”, you would be right. That is a wonderful leather coin purse. There’s nothing suspicious or weird there. But wait until you see the other side.

Kangaroo Leather Coin Purse With Writing

Kangaroo ScrotumYep. That is exactly what you think it is. This lovely little leather pouch is called a “Kangaroo Sack” by the maker, and never before has a product name also been such an accurate description. Luke’s goal/motto for selling this product is “Changing the world, one smile at a time”. And he has accomplished it! To test his idea out, I carried one around for a few months, and I can’t count how many absolutely hilarious conversations I’ve gotten myself in.

Aside from how inherently weird it seems at first, these coin purses are actually phenomenal quality. The leather is durable and thick, since nature has a special interest in protecting that area, so it will last a lifetime.

It is the best of both worlds. You get a hilarious White Elephant/gag gift that will be sure to give you and your friend a chuckle, and your friend gets a legitimately useful and quality item. Plus you can get custom engravings on them, and they are only about 15 bucks!

Click here to check out the “Kangaroo Sacks” shop, and see all their many sizes and colors!