I have recently been amazed at how many people have been asking “Where Can I Buy Leather Scraps?” or even just Googling phrases like “Where to buy scrap leather?”

So due to popular demand, I’ve put together some of my favorite scrap leather places, listed from most expensive to least!

Where to Buy Scrap Leather1. SaddleBack. Expensive, But Great!

Saddleback Leather has a phenomenal internet reputation. They make incredibly high quality leather, and so the scraps of that leather are high quality as well.

The only downsides to Saddleback are that they have a fairly limited variety of colors, and they are pretty expensive, but I support them wholeheartedly!

Where Can I Buy Leather Scraps

2. Western Supply

This one hits a little close to home. This scrap leather is from a little shop in Wyoming. It is the same shop where I went as a child and took naps in the piles of scrap, so I can verify the quality of it.

If you buy enough, it can make a great bed! The pros of this as opposed to Saddleback are that it comes in all kinds of colors and shades, is a good bit cheaper, and you get a chance of getting some rarer exotic leather in your mix!.

3. Springfield Leather

This is your cheap bulk option. This gives you a whopping 10 pounds of leather, and for a better price than you will find anywhere else! I want to make it clear how much 10 pounds of scrap leather is though. It is a lot. If you aren’t wanting to do some serious scrap work, I would go with one of the other two options.

What Do I Do With It?

There are tons of things to do with scrap leather, so that is going to be a whole new conversation. You can read our list of our favorite things to do with your leather scraps here.