If you have read our article on leather gloves, you have heard a bit about peccary leather, but that article definitely leaves a lot of questions unanswered about this unique type of glove leather.

What Is Peccary Leather?

Peccary leather is made from the hide of either the collared, white lipped, or Chacoan peccary. These pig like creatures are found pretty much everywhere south of the Arizona/New Mexico area, and frequently travel in herds. I’ve heard a lot of things about peccaries and peccary leather, but I don’t know if I’ve ever heard someone say a live peccary is pretty.

What Is A Peccary

The peccary in all its majestic glory

Luckily, we don’t judge books by their cover. They say that beauty is skin deep, and that is definitely true for the peccary. Their skin is incredibly beautiful, and highly sought after.

Is Peccary Leather Good?

Peccary leather is some of the most luxurious leather you can find. It is almost unbelievable how it manages to be incredibly soft and flexible, while still retaining the natural strength of regular leather. Add on that it has a beautiful and unique pattern and you have yourself a fancy piece of hide.

What Is Peccary Leather Used For?

While it can be used in other ways, peccary is most prominently used in the glove industry. It is one of the most “high class” leathers you can get, and is especially popular in the European fashion scene.

So It Is Probably Ridiculously Expensive?

Well, it is a little more expensive than cowhide, but it isn’t over the top. It’s all a matter of knowing where to look. Sure, the average pair of peccary gloves on Amazon is going to be around $250, going with the smaller brands usually cuts costs. For example, as we’ve talked about before, Kuc Leather Goods will sell you the same general thing for a whole lot less.