Hey Everyone,

I thought it might be good to clarify the purpose of the Leather Facts Blog. There is a lot of information on the site, and there is always going to be more and more. There are some aspects of the world of leather that need explore, but don’t fit in the categories in the menus here at leather facts. Those are things that will be here in the blog. It will include things like unconventional fun leather products I find, random little fun facts that don’t fall into the other categories, or personal stories that I(or other people) may have in the world of leather that we can learn from.

Now this may be hard for you to believe, but I plan on writing on the blog in a much more casual than the rest of the site.  I know the site is pretty informal as it is, but here on the blog I am going to be Dallin. And I am going to talk to you, whoever you may be. I’ll use the word “you” a lot, because I want it to be like we are having a conversation. Optimally, we will be! You not only can, but are encouraged to leave comments! I will always respond as soon as I can, and hopefully we can get a nice little conversation going. Or if you have a personal matter, or question, or specific product/bit of information you are looking for, send me an e-mail. Odds are, other people have the same question, and if it ends up leading to a great story, you may end up featured in the blog!

So that’s the plan for the blog in a nutshell. You guys are all awesome, and your participation is going to make it a rousing success! Stay tuned for all the latest in the world of leather!