I think we all know the stereotype about women loving to shop for shoes. I don’t know if it is necessarily always true, but I sure know several women that fit the stereotype. We don’t want to keep quality waiting, so let’s take a look at some of the options for leather shoes for women!

The Big Name Hit or Misses-Amazon and EbayWomen's Leather Shoe

Price: $1-$1000

Pros: Tons of variety, tons of options, and some phenomenal prices.

Cons: It is really easy to get ripped off. That’s why I call them Hit or Miss sites. You can get some info on the seller, but not tons, and there isn’t really long term customer relations.

Company Integrity: Ebay and Amazon themselves are solid, but the individuals within aren’t so much. If you are going to go this route, make sure that you look into the seller’s ratings and look at all the product details to make sure they are actually good leather.

Overall Rating: 0. I’m not going to encourage you to go there, but I won’t tell you not to. If you feel like you have learned enough from this site to know bad from good, go for it. Just be careful.

Eh…Okay I guess

Price: $35-$70

Pros: They are nice suede shoes that are made out of real leather.

Cons: You may have a brown suede boot, or a pink suede boot. That’s it. Those are your only options.

Company Integrity: They are more focused on Men’s shoes honestly. Their company is called “Hey Dude” so I guess that makes sense. They are friendly enough, but they give me the image of a beach bum type out on the California Coast. They want a comfy shoe, but they are very laid back. They aren’t a fast paced, “get things done now” type company.

Overall rating: 0. If you want a brown or pink suede boot, go for it, but I’m not making any special effort to send you this way. But there is nothing wrong with it. $35 for shoes is a pretty good deal if you like the shoes.