Leather Shoes for Men

Shoes are so diverse, it was necessary to separate between leather shoes for men, and leather shoes for women. One of the most prominent things that stands out from my childhood leather education form my father is the importance of having shoes with real leather. While durability was still important, the biggest reason he taught me was the ventilation. “Leather breathes”, he would often say, “Plastic doesn’t. So make sure you can tell if it is actually leather, or if it is an imitation.” The fact that leather shoes breathe is important as it helps reduces instances of athlete’s foot and other foot fungi, as well as making your feet less repulsively smelly from the bottled up sweat in them. You might pay a little more for leather shoes, but the benefits will always outweigh the $20 you could have saved going with a cheaper option. Still, we’ll take a look at some very affordable options.

Hey Dude Shoe Review- Solid Shoes, Solid Price

Price: $99-$115

Pros: Light weight, designed for comfort build. These guys are kind of all about the comfort and style theme. They have suede options, which are available at a low cost, and in many different varieties.

Cons: Very little variety for non suede. Only these first 6 shoes are non suede leather.

Company Integrity: They are pretty straightforward. They are dudes that wanted comfortable shoes, so they made them. They are based out of California, and they have a blog that kind of lets their personalities shine through. They don’t have the most exciting return policy, letting  you return shoes only for in store credit within 5 days, and their customer service, while not terrible, isn’t anything spectacular.

Overall Rating:  1. If you told me you were going to buy shoes from Hey Dude, I would support you. I’m not going to say “Wow, that’s awesome! Way to make the best possible leather decision with  your shoes!”, but I would agree that they are a good option. They deliver a good product, at a good price. They just don’t do anything to put them way above and beyond anyone else.

eBay Review- Hit Or Miss

Price: $.99-$999Leather Shoes for Men

Pros: You can get some incredible deals here. For example, some of these seem great. If you are smart, you can get great shoes for a great price.

Cons: It is so easy to get ripped off. They could be using a twisted image. They could be using tricky advertising. They could be anything. You play a dangerous game.

Company Integrity: The site itself is solid, but individual sellers can be dicey. Be sure to read through return policies and customer reviews to be safe.

Overall Rating: Either -4 or 4. It depends on how you play it. If you stick to sellers like this guy, you’ll probably be safe. Shoes are his thing, he has 100{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} positive reviews, you’ll likely be all right. Just be careful.