Leather Motorcycle Jacket and Gear

Leather Jackets have been long time favorites of motorbikers because of their durability, warmth, and great wind resistance. When you are out on the open road going 75 mph, the wind can tear you apart, but leather is the best windbreaker you can get. Plus if you get in a non-fatal accident, a good leather motorcycle jacket, leather motorcycle vest, some leather chaps and gloves, and a helmet are going to be what keep your skin on your bones, instead of on the asphalt. So if a good leather motorcycle jacket is that important, you want to make sure that you are getting one that will keep you comfortable and in one peace.

Fox Creek Leather Jacket Review- Nice But Pricey

Price for Jackets: Roughly $300-$500Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Price for Vests: Roughly $100-$250

Price for Chaps: Roughly $200-$250

Pros: Heavy full grain leather. They are around 1.4-1.6 mm. which is solid stuff. They allow you to customize your order, and they offer a lifetime warranty.

Cons: Price. You can definitely find cheaper motorcycle jackets elsewhere. They definitely make you pay for quality.

Company Integrity: These guys sell other leather products I’ve reviewed, but motorcycle leathers are really their thing. That is their focus and that is their life. So you are buying from fellow bikers who know their stuff. They offer a lifetime warranty and do repairs on all of their products, which is pretty cool of them.

Overall Rating: 3.3. I’m not going to pretend that I am a motorcycle expert, but from the motorcycle leather companies I’ve looked at, these guys are the most personable. You’ve probably noticed I’m a fan of the little guy, and the transparency of their company is something I appreciate. You pay a little more for their product, but you are in good hands and they take care of you and the product for life.