Women’s handbags and purses are the unsung heroes of this world. They go wherever their owners go, day in and day out. They take all the wear and tear of daily use, and who thinks to thank them? If no one else does, I’ll be the first. If anything needs the durability and strength of leather, it is a handbag or purse. I can already hear all the men groaning “Why did you have to say that? Now she is going to be begging me to get her a better purse!” Now hold off on your torches and pitchforks men. You don’t have to go off buying a $3800 Gucci handbag. There you only pay for a brand and leave without any quality. I told you I would give you helpful reviews and I plan on keeping my word.

SaddleBack Leather Review- Best Long Term Value

Speaking of how durable purses and handbags need to be, there are some bold leather workers out there that have decided to take that to the extreme.Leather Shoulderbag

Price: $88-$528

Pros: SaddleBack Leather is durable, durable stuff. They have an absolutely incredible 100-year warranty, which means if you bought one of these bags for your daughter who hasn’t been born yet, it will still outlive her, statistically speaking. Not only that, but they repair it for you and pay for the shipping for repairs within those 100 years. Plus, they are very pretty and have a good variety of different styles.

Cons: Price. That is really it. They aren’t exactly cheap, so if you are living on a tight budget, you would have to do some saving. They also don’t come in any super bright, flamboyant colors, so if that is your thing, this isn’t the place to find it.

Company Integrity: Phenomenal. Like I said before, they will pay for shipping there and back for repairs and returns, they guarantee it for more than the rest of your life, and the people are incredibly friendly. They have a live chat on the site, and I had help in a manner of seconds with an incredibly friendly agent. Plus they have a cool backstory.

Overall Rating: 4.8. Bags are kind of their thing. They have built their whole business based on bags and backpacks, so they aren’t messing around about them. These bags symbolize everything that leather is about. They exemplify the real deal. They aren’t a 5 just because they don’t have the customization options.

Fox Creek Leather Review- Affordable Quality

Price:$45-$119Black leahter handbags

Pros: Simple, effective, quality. They are American made by skilled artisans. They are a nice bag that you can afford without destroying your wallet.

Cons: You can buy black leather handbags or brown leather handbags. That’s about it. Their variety when it comes to color and style is fairly limited. Only about 5-10 styles, and only two colors. So not a whole lot of options.

Company Integrity: These are good guys. They are called FoxCreek because they started up in a 200 year old cabin on Fox Creek. They are about as open and helpful as it gets.

Overall Rating: 3. If you are working with a budget, this the way to go. You can get a quality, American made handbag or purse for as low as $45, and that is made with real leather that will last you for years. Men, you won’t have to worry about purse shopping with your wife for the next decade!