Best Cowboy Boots Reviews

I know what you’re probably all thinking right now. You’re thinking “Why do we have a separate page for this? Don’t cowboy boots fall under the shoes category?”. Well you’re right. Cowboy boots are shoes, but they are a whole different ball game, so they get their own page. I would never want to go to a lot of the places I put in my regular shoe reviews for cowboy boots, nor could I find sneakers at a lot of the places on this page! It is just a different kind of market.

Best Cowboy Boots Reviews

It’s not just a shoe style, it’s a way of life.

One great thing about the cowboy boot market is that cowboys understand leather, so finding good quality cowboy boots isn’t as difficult as a lot of other products. However, all of the places I review are going to sell lower end boots. To some degree, you get what you pay for with boots. I’ll still give you my thoughts on some different sites for the sake of your convenience, and to help you get the inside scoop.

Amazon- Boots Galore!

Price: $50-$2,500Best Cowboy Boots Reviews

Pros: I almost never say this, but Amazon is honestly one of the best places to go for boots. There are a ton of options for both cowboy boots and cowgirl boots. They range from very affordable basic boots, which still look nice, to very expensive exotic leather boots. They mostly have ostrich skins and caiman skin boots when it comes to exotic, but there are a couple others, like lizard skin tossed in there. Plus they have work boots, and casual wear boots as well. Whoever you are, whatever your situation, they probably have a boot to match your needs.

Cons: I…can’t really think of any cons. I almost always have at least one con, even with the companies I love, but I can’t think of anything wrong here.

Company Integrity: We all know Amazon at this point. They are very well known and respected. They are great about returns and refunds, and go the extra mile to give you a good experience.

Overall Rating: 4.9. I’ll be honest, there is no reason to not give them a 5. However, I am stubborn, and I have never given anyone a 5. Ever. Giving them a 5 would feel like I was telling them they were perfect, and I don’t want it going to their head. That being said, they are a good company, and they have a tons of great boots, at a wide variety of prices.

Click here to see the entire selection of awesome boots!

Horse Saddle Shop– A Decent Second Option

Price: $55-$542

Pros: They also have a nice variety of boots from several different boot makers, and offer them at a good price.

Cons: Since there aren’t huge differences in boots, I have to get nitpicky here. The selection of boot options is a bit less diverse, with fewer options for things like lizard or caiman skin. And this is just a personal thing, but I’m not a huge fan of their website design. It just seems cluttered and awkward to me.

Company Integrity: As is characteristic of Western Culture(and I’m only a little biased from living in Wyoming), these guys are generally good guys. The thing that Bootbay has them beat on is their returns and exchanges policy. Again, I’m being nitpicky. On occasion, they do feature some really good sales and deals!

Overall Rating: 4. It is tough to get too low of a score in the boot business. Like I said, almost all boots are quality, and most of these sites are going to be retailers selling the same boots. This just comes down to preference and little things like policies.