Leather Cell Phone Cases

Leather is tough as nails. Therefore, leather cell phone cases are as tough as nails as well. Now I worry about my phone breaking. I worry about it because I carry it with me everyone, and those things are expensive! I can’t afford to replace a smartphone once every few months if it falls out of my pocket while I am biking, or jogging, or rescuing damsels in distress from burning buildings. Maybe that’s just me. Leather phone cases do the job as well or better than just about any other phone case!

Story Leather Review– Top Site

Stock Price:$39.99-$59.99

Custom Price:$59.99-$129.99Leather Cell Phone Cases

Pros: There are a lot, so I’ll have to be short. First and foremost, customization and options. You get to choose your phone case style from dozens of options, and then your leather color and texture from over 125+ different options! And, as that page says, they are all full grain leather that have not been mechanically processed in any way. They are all individually crafted and handmade, which is extra impressive considering the level of detail. I also really like that most of their cases also double as wallets and I.D holders. It lets you have all your essentials in one place and frees up space in your pockets/purse.Though I think the greatest pro is that you get to make a case that is uniquely yours.

Cons: A little more expensive than a  phone case from Wal-mart, but not much. You pay for quality.

Company Integrity: Phenomenal. I have to be careful here, or I will just go on a full on rant. These guys are great. Multiple times I have jumped on their website with questions, and their live chat agent has answered in seconds, and has been very polite and helpful. Plus what these guys stand for is incredible and heartwarming. They are called Story Leather for a reason, and that is because each of us has our own story to tell, and they want to offer products that support that. And if they stopped there you might just think that they are artsy and poetic, but they are also as sincere as they come. This is what did it for me. Their GiveBack campaign is dedicated to helping children in need. That is what moves them from heart-warming to heart-melting in my book.

Overall Rating: 4.8. Remember this isn’t your average 1-10 scale. A 4.8 is nearly perfect. I will keep looking around for other competitors, but so far no one can compare when it comes to leather phone cases. They may cost a little bit more than the $5 dollar plastic case on at your local electronics store, but they will probably last a few decades longer, all the while telling a story, sending a message, and helping those in need. You guys know I’m not against giving bad reviews, but this time I just don’t have much bad to say.

Huskk Review– Minimalist Approach

Price: $14.50-$59.99Husk Tan Leather Wallet

Pros: Simple, sleek, easy. This is kind of their thing. They make really thin wallet/phone case things. It isn’t anything crazy and fancy. It is called minimalist for a reason.

Cons: Some of their wallet cases aren’t completely leather, and are instead a combination of nylon and leather, but they do tell you when they aren’t. And it seems like they are fairly limited to iPhone cases. Other phones don’t seem to get the options that the iPhone does.

Company Integrity: I really appreciate that they tell you when the product is leather mixed with nylon. They aren’t trying to hide it, or trick you, they are just providing alternative options. They are super simple, but good at what they do, and they try to do it with a sense of artistry. Plus they are insanely fast on their customer support response time. They responded and answered my question by e-mail in less than 10 minutes.

Overall Rating: Either 0 or 4 depending on your style. Remember that this is based off whether I would recommend them, and these guys are just really niche. If you are looking for something sleek and simple and quality, i recommend them wholeheartedly. If you carry more stuff with you than a few cards and a bit of cash, then this isn’t the place for you. Or if you want something more elegant or flashy. It just depends on what you’re going for.


Bonanza Review- A Vintage Option

Price: $44.99

Pros: Handmade, full grain leather. They have a very cool vintage look, if you are wanting to look more rustic. I think the fact that they can look like a book is pretty cool, and they aren’t absurdly priced.

Cons: Not a whole lot of variety or options.

Company Integrity: It seems like this is a pro and a con. This is a very small scale business. It is a guy that learned how to work leather from his parents, which I can understand, since I am the same way. Since it is more of a person than a company, it makes him very accessible, so if you have questions or issues, you can get a hold of him very easily. It also ensures that all of these cases are handmade and not mass produced. The downside is that it gives him a little less long term credibility. You can’t look back and see that hundreds of satisfied customers you can see with larger marketers.

Overall Rating: 3. These cases are solid, and they are pretty cool looking. The business itself is simple, but I am a fan of supporting the little guy, because that is where you get quality. The prices are decently fair, and they are consistent, but you can’t do a lot of customizing. Perhaps you can if you ask him though.