Best Leather Briefcase Review

Briefcases are the epitome of a classy business fashion statement. In a professional setting, your briefcase says a lot about you. If you have a really nice leather briefcase, what it says to me is “I’m so good at my job, I’m going to keep being worth your money for decades, just like this briefcase”. Hypothetically speaking, if I were an employer, that is what they briefcase would say to me at least. Luckily there are a couple really solid companies out there that are super dedicated to making really great briefcases. There are other places to get them, but I am not even going to bother with most the inferior ones. I’m only giving you the best leather briefcase reviews I can come up with.

SaddleBack Leather Briefcase Review- #1 PickSaddleback Leather Briefcase Review

Price: $198-$669

Pros: They have several different varieties, but they are all super nice full-grain leather. They have options in a few different colors, and it has a bunch of different pockets and compartments for all your various papers, binders, laptops, pens, staplers, or who knows what that you may keep in your briefcase. Plus there’s the 100-year warranty that I’ll go into later. If you want all the details of how it is made, you can check out this short video of the owner breaking it down.

Cons: They don’t have any models that fit the classic “fold in half and snap shut” briefcase look. Personally, I don’t really care about that because I think these are cooler, but you might, so that could be a downside for you. They are also quite expensive. I generally think their products are worth the money, but if you’re on a tight budget, Saddleback may not be the place for you right now.

Company Integrity: You may have heard me say it before, but I absolutely love Saddleback Leather. I’m like fan girl at a concert when it comes to these guys. There are three things that really stand out to me about them:

  1. They have great customer service, and will do just about anything to help you, including custom projects.
  2. They have a really cool backstory, and I’m a sucker for a cool backstory.
  3. They have a 100 year warranty! They have so much confidence in their product, that if it breaks before you’re dead, they’ll replace it for you. And if you die and it breaks for your children before the 100 years is up, they’ll replace it for them!

Overall Rating: 4.9. I really don’t have any reason to not give them a perfect 5 score except that I’ve never given anyone a 5 and I have a hard time saying that anybody is perfect. However, they are pretty close. I can’t tell you all the reasons why, but you can click here to explore their site and see for yourself.