While I was looking around at the different cell phone cases that look like books, I ran into a few of these cool old looking leather journals. The more I looked, the more cool options I found! This will be really similar to the cell phone case write up, with a few of my favorites, and why I think they are so cool.

What Makes Them So Great?

First of all, they are multifaceted. Even if you aren’t don’t really keep a journal, you can use them as a diary(which is basically just a journal), a sketchbook, a notebook for work or school, or just about anything. And, as always, the leather makes them durable and super cool looking.

Where Can I Get One?

There are a ton of different options, but I’ll tell you some of my favorites. When I’m looking for cool handmade stuff, my first stop is usually Etsy. Most the people on there do pretty good work and communicate with you well. But even on there, there are hundreds of different sellers.

Old Looking Leather Journals- La Papiere

One of the many available styles at “La Papiere & Cozy Handmade Journals”

One of these sellers is named Beverly and she runs the “La Paperie & Cozy Handmade Journals” shop. She has dozens of different styles of journals that have nice inspirational quotes on the front page to give you a little extra motivation! The reason I like her work is because she has the same view about the natural beauty of leather as I do.

She makes a concerted effort to preserve the natural look of the leather without adding too many flashy details or modifications. She lets them speak for themselves. She also does everything by hand, which I have respect for. This includes the sewing, the engravings, everything. You can have her engrave initials on the front cover, sew a pocket on the inside cover, or both! However, due to how busy her life has become, she no longer offers full customization. She makes up for that by having a ton of options available!

Old Looking Leather Journals- Water Buffalo

If you want a cheaper option, you can check out the journals from P&A Handmade(shown above), which you find either here on Etsy or at Amazon. I’m going to be honest, the main reason I like these ones is because they are inexpensive and they are made from Water Buffalo leather! How cool is that?

Gift Potential

Just like the phone cases, these are a super cool gift idea. The fact that you can personalize them makes it so you can really make them a heartfelt gift for a special occasion. For example, say you have a big Les Miserables fan in the family, and you are able to deliver a classy journal with their initials engraved on the front and a Victor Hugo quote in the inside cover. We always say “It’s the thought that counts”, and I gift like that shows that you have put thought into it.

Old Looking Leather Journals- Les Miserables Quote

Photo Courtesy of La Papiere & Cozy Handmade Journals (That’s a mouthful)


These classy books have definitely earned the Leather Facts stamp of approval. To see more, you can click here to check out close to 100 varieties of journals available. As always, if you have a cool leather journal, send us a picture of you with it, and we may feature it on the site. And never hesitate to ask if you have a question!