As usual, if they do leather, we’re going to do our best to provide a review for them. Our Fox Creek leather review is the next in a long line of leather company reviews.

About Fox Creek Leather

Fox Creek’s big specialty is really motorcycle leathers. They were started in Independence Virginia in 1976 as a way for the owner, Paul, to feed his family. It is the classic American Dream story of an entrepreneurial startup born out of desperation. ┬áHe sold his stuff on the road at motorcycle shows and swapmeets, and hoped that he could get enough to keep going. The company has grown a lot since then, but their focus on “American Made Leather” has stayed the same.

How’s The Quality?Fox Creek Leather Review Motorcycle Jacket

While I obviously have not had the privilege of inspecting every product that Fox Creek Leather has ever made, I have a pretty good feel for their quality. Primarily, their motorcycle gear (leathers, chaps, gloves, etc.) is top notch. They have built their business on those base products, and make a concentrated effort to maintain their quality and always be improving. When it comes to more generic leather goods (wallets and belts and all that) they provide a good quality lower price alternative to some of the more expensive manufacturers out there. I would suggest their belts and wallets over a lot of “name brand” department store alternatives, due to their use of full grain leather. All in all, I give them the stamp of approval on quality.

And Price?

Whether we like or not, price plays a major role in our purchasing decisions. Fox Creek hits the middle price range of most of the leather world. They aren’t the absolute cheapest in most things, but you want to avoid those anyway. The absolute cheapest is usually pretty sketchy. They also aren’t near as expensive as some of the other companies we’ve reviewed. I think it is a pretty fair medium. When it comes to their wallets and belts, they sit even more on the low end of the spectrum.

How About Customer Service?

Fox Creek has a pretty decent dedication to customer service. While they don’t have the most generous warranty and return policy in the world, it is pretty solid. They will accept returns, and there is a lifetime warranty. They want the customer to be happy. The notable exception is on custom made items, which are not eligible for returns.

Anything Else I Should Know?

They do custom work! I love companies that do custom leather work. Honestly, I think it is how most leather should be. For Fox Creek, this means that you can make your own personalized motorcycle gear from the ground up.


All in all, I really do approve of Fox Creek Leather. I like the American Made, hometown-y feel that they have going for them, and they use good leather. Are they perfect? No, of course not. But they are good enough for me to give them the Leather Facts Stamp of Approval. If you don’t believe me, go check them out for yourselves.

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