I’ve been on the hunt for fun new leather products again, and I think I’ve found a gem. You have probably figured it out from the title, but these are leather cell phone cases that look like books.

Fun, right?

What Makes Them So Great?

Two Leather Cell Phone Cases That Look Like Books

It isn’t like these are anything all that special, but I think they are kind of cool. They are nice quality leather, and they protect your phone while making it look super cool. What more could you want?

Plus, they are cheaper than a lot of other leather cell phone cases I’ve reviewed.

Where Can I Get One?

The easiest place to find them is on Etsy. There are a ton of options there, but I’ll talk about my two favorites. I think one of the current best sellers at the moment is Ron, who runs HandmadeLeatherCase.

The reason I think they are great is that they have a case for just about every model of phone. Other manufacturer’s will only have cases for a handful of popular models, but these guys really cover their bases. Ron is a very responsive owner and will likely make something custom if you need it.

If you don’t care as much about the customization part, but you want a more authentic, aged, all leather look, then I would have to go with the cases made by DesignedBySeda. Cell Phone Cases that Look Like Books-Mappy ArtThey are made out of top-grain leather from Turkey, and while they have a variety of different styles, they don’t do custom projects.

However, Seda, the owner of DesignedBySeda is all about customer satisfaction, so if you have a super cool idea that you would like, and you have some friends that think it would be cool too, you can suggest it to her and she may make a new model for you based off it.

You can also get similar cases on Amazon, but I prefer Etsy, since they are small-time artisans just trying to make a living. That usually means they have decent prices and great quality.

Plus that makes them way more customizable and you can contact the creator and ask questions, get specific orders, etc. I’ve personally had several conversations with both Seda and Julia, and they are wonderful people who put a lot of effort into delivering a quality product.

Watch the short video review below to get a visual feel of the pros and cons of these cases!

Christmas and Birthday Potential

These have a lot of “Coolest Gift Ever” potential. If you decide that you don’t care about the look, feel, and benefits of leather, you actually open yourself up to a wide range of potential options.Cell Phone Cases That Look Like Books - Monster Book of Monsters

For example, CustomizeMeAZ has this Monster Book of Monsters case for your resident Harry Potter fanatic. Whatever your friend or loved one’s favorite movie/book/TV show is, you can make a case that reflects it and will be sure to make them scream like a fangirl.

It is simple, easy, useful, and lets them know that you put some thought into it. On top of that, it doesn’t empty your bank account.

Overall, I think they are pretty cool. If you agree and want to see some more, you can click here to check out the whole CustomizeMeAZ selection. If you already have a sweet phone/tablet/laptop case like this, let us know you’re thoughts on it or send us a picture. If it is cool or funny, we may feature it here on the site!