It is that time of the year! Everyone is gearing up for Christmas by taking advantage of the incredible sales available for Black Friday.

The one downside to Black Friday is that there are so many amazing deals, that they can be tough to find. what if you miss out on a golden deal? Well we’ve compiled a list of the top Black Friday sales for quality leather products to help you prepare.

#5- eBay

Pretty standard. eBay is a go to source for a lot of cheap shopping needs. Sometimes the deals are great, and sometimes they are questionable. It is your call as to whether you want to take that risk.

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#4- WayfairTop Black Friday Deals of 2015- Wayfair

Wayfair is boasting up to a 70{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} discount on all holiday type items! Wayfair’s tagline is “A zillion things home”, and it is accurate. Anything that could even vaguely belong in a home can be found at a discount here.

The key phrase that you have to watch out for is up to, not all of these are going to be 70{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf}. Just some of them are.

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#3- Leather Coats Etc.Black Friday Leather Coats Deals

LeatherCoatsEtc’s deals aren’t exclusive to Black Friday. They have a long standing 50{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} off everything for the winter season, with special deals each week that stack on top of that. During the week of Black Friday, they are taking an additional 20{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} off everything!

Since a lot of their products are outerwear, they make great gifts for the holiday season, when things start getting really cold.

Unlike Wayfair, they really mean everything is 50{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} off, not just up to 50{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} off.

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#2- OverstockTop Black Friday Sales for 2015-Overstock

Overstock’s discounts vary a little, but many of their products are up to 75{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} off! If you get a Club O Membership, then they offer an additional 10{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} off as well as 2{252f7dd7ba9e0baa00d1435eb90ef3fcba6524dd9f374f9bfcb092bf854c0baf} cashback on all purchases.

They aren’t just Black Friday Deals either. These deals apply to Cyber Monday as well.

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#1- AmazonTop Black Friday Deals 2015

Amazon is the big hitter. They sell everything, they sell everything cheap, and they sell it all cheaper on Black Friday!

Just about everyone will have something on their wishlist from Amazon.

I can’t even begin to try and describe the span of all their deals, but luckily they compile them for you on this handy Black Friday Listings page!

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Let’s Go Save Some Money!