What is the Fan of the Year?

At the end of each year, roughly around Christmas time, one person will be chosen as the Leather Facts Fan of the Year. This is the person that has shown great enthusiasm and love for both leather and Leather Facts, and is actively engaged in the community.

What Do I Get?

There are a lot of giveaways and free prizes that we giveaway at Leather Facts, but the prize for the Fan of the Year is 100% unique. It is not something you can buy in the store, and it will be entirely customized and made just for you. It will also contain a little bit of Leather Facts history in it. Since it is completely unique, the prize changes every year, but it is guaranteed to be something you will love.

How Do I Win?

A lot of factors are taken into account in choosing the fan of the year. Some of those will include:

  1. Social Engagement– Sharing, commenting, etc. on social media
  2. Site Engagement– Commenting on articles, entering giveaways, all that kind of stuff
  3. Consistency– Just spamming a million likes, shares, comments, etc. in one day won’t hold as much standing as consistency.
  4. Quality- Do you actually care? Are you being thoughtful and insightful and sharing your feelings? If so, that will help.

If you are being selected as the Fan of the Year, you will be notified in advance so that I can get your feedback on what you would like for your personalized prize.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!