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Living Room Chair Reviews

Living Room Chair Reviews

In the world of furniture “Living Room Chairs” aren’t a thing, but that is what most of us think of them as. At a furniture store they are probably going to call them “club chairs” or “accent chairs”. So for our review we will look at both of those, as well as any other leather chair that doesn’t recline and isn’t a chaise lounge. This is kind of our catch-all category.

Deqor Review

Deqor Safavieh Brown Leather Living Room Chair ReviewsPick #1: Safavieh Lorraine Tub Chair


Pros: This one is pretty simple and straightforward.This chair is made out of leather and birchwood. It comes in 4 different colors, all of which bear silly names like “mulberry” or “clay”. Safavieh as a whole makes pretty good stuff.

Cons: It is just very plain. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, if you are looking for a simple look.

Pick #2: Safavieh Brayton Chair

Price: $1,676



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