Best Sectional Sofa Reviews

Sectionals are incredibly popular to give your living room a nice look as well as versatile seating options. Sectional sofas are also incredibly difficult to find in real leather. The imitations are everywhere. I would be willing to make up the statistic that only 1 in 20 leather sectionals that you look at are actually made of leather, though that number is entirely estimated and is effected by the price range you view.

Finding top or full grain leather sectionals has been somewhat of a nightmare for me. They are as tricky as ever with their wording using phrases like “Heavy Duty recycled leather”, which is a fancy way of saying Bonded Leather. I’ve also seen phrases like LeatherSoft Upholstery, which implies nice soft leather, but if you investigate further you will find the LeatherSoft is a brand of…you guessed it! Bonded Leather!

They refer to it as “leather mixed with polyurethane”, which is right on, but it is mostly polyurethane. However, after many hours of searching, I have found some good solid sofas, at a variety of budget options.

Deqor Sectional Review

Pick #1: Steve Silver Henry Right Arm LoveseatSteve Silver Sofa Sectional

Price: $1,298

Pros: The whole couch is made of leather. None of that vinyl stuff or bonded leather. It has the classic antique nailhead trim, and it is cheap!

Cons: As is characteristic of this price range, they use split grain leather on the back and sides, since they don’t see as much wear and tear. Not ideal, but it is still leather.

Pick #2: Mobital Icon SectionalMobital Icon Sectional

Price: $3,779

Pros: Here is something I don’t see often. This sofa specifies that it is fire retardant. All leather is rather flame retardant, but this one makes it a selling point. Most top grain leather sofas go for the antique look, but this one has a rather modern feel to it, which provides nice variety. It also has adjustable headrests, and is absurdly lightweight for a sofa, so it isn’t as much of a pain to move.

Cons: As long as you like the modern look and it is in your price range, there aren’t a lot of cons here.

Pick #3: Safavieh York Sectional ChaiseDeQor York Sectional Chaise

Price: $4,962

Pros: This sectional is made completely from top grain leather and birch, with brass nailhead finishes. It also has slightly looser cushions to give it a more comfortable, softer feel.

Cons: It is a little smaller than a lot of sectionals you will find at the same price.

Company Integrity: Safavieh has a great reputation for transparency itself, but I want to talk about Deqor here. They offer free shipping on everything, all the time. Not only that, but with them, I had what is perhaps the best customer service experience in all my furniture experiences. Their representative was kind, helpful, fast, and was willing to go to the ends of the earth to get the information I asked for. And they were transparent enough to give me the real answer without sugarcoating it, even though it wasn’t the answer I wanted. They also price match,s o if you find the same piece of furniture for cheaper somewhere else, they will match it. I know it is a small thing, but they also don’t do the whole “$3,999.99” thing. They round to the dollar so you see what it actually costs without deceptive advertising. It is little, but it shows transparency and integrity. Wonderful company that I would trust with my purchase.

Overall Rating: 4 (if guided). They lack variety when it comes to good top grain sectionals, but their superb customer service makes up for that. Just be careful if you are wanting to buy something that I haven’t listed on here, and either call their customer service, or send me a message first, because some of the pieces can be tricky. It is better to have a guide.

Wayfair Review

Pick #1- Ashley Furniture Kinston SectionalLeather Sectional Sofa

Price: $1015

Pros: The seating areas are all top grain leather, which is impressive at this price. It is a nice color, comes with a chaise, and the frame is wood, which is one of my other favorite materials(after leather of course).

Cons: Sides and back aren’t top grain leather. They are DuraBlend, which is like Bonded Leather, but only 7% leather instead of 17%. I personally don’t like the “leather matching” thing. That is when they have the seating areas made out of leather, and then they match the color of the leather with a plastic on the sides and back. Unfortunately, however much I may not like it, you just can not find a sectional sofa that is top grain leather all the way around at this price range. At least not at this supplier.

Pick #2: Abbyson Living Porter Leather Left Hand Facing SectionalAbbyson Living Porter Leather Sectional Sofa

Price: $2,500

Pros: This sectional sofa is all leather, with the seating areas being top grain, and hardwood. It has removable back cushions, and I think it is a rather pretty color.

Cons: The sides and back are split grain leather, which is a step up from the vinyl at our lower price tier, but still not optimal. It isn’t the biggest sectional I’ve seen in this price range either.

Pick #3: Omnia Furniture Riviera Leather Reclining SectionalOmnia Furntiure Riviera Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa

Price: $5,350

Pros: First and foremost, 100% top grain leather all the way around. Finally! It also has a hardwood frame with a lifetime warranty. You can customize it with sleeper options, as well as choose from dozens of different colors. All around, beautiful craftsmanship. Omnia Furniture does a great job.

Cons: Some of the color options cost extra. That makes them a little less exciting.

Company Integrity: Wayfair has remarkable customer service. They respond to e-mails very quickly, and they have a Q&A section at the bottom of each item page, which they answer rather quickly as well. They are fairly good at letting you know what your product it, though at the lower price ranges, you may have to dig a little to find out if it is all leather, or just the seating areas. The higher price ranges are very up front about it though, mostly because they have nothing to hide. There is also a fairly wide selection of different kinds of sectionals.

Overall Rating: 3. Wayfair brings a lot of good products together. They have good variety and good customer support. They aren’t perfect, and you have to look past some mediocre products to find the gems, but as far as furniture sites I’ve been to, they do well.

Overstock Sectional Review

Pick #1: Victoria Leather Sectional SofaVictoria Leather Sectional

Price: $1,630

Pros: This sofa is all leather, with nailhead accent trim, and is a rather pretty color. Plus it is relatively cheap!

Cons: For the cheap price, you have to deal with some lower quality. The back and sides are split grain leather, or leather splits, as they call them. It is also quite small for a sectional. It is really just a sofa with a chaise.

Pick #2: Abbyson Living Charlie Top Grain Leather SectionalAbbyson Living Charlie Leather Sectional

Price: $2,300

Pros: Most importantly, it is top grain leather all the way around! It’s frame is hardwood, and the dark color makes it less susceptible to stains and weathering. Plus they include a free white glove delivery service, so you don’t have to worry about any delivery or installation. It just comes to you!

Cons: I guess if you don’t like dark colors, this isn’t the one for you.

Pick #3: Decenni Custom Furniture Tobias Modern Style Tobias Leather Sectional SofaLeather Sectional

Price: $7,174

Pros: I love the 3rd price tier, since I can just the find the highest quality stuff without worrying about price. This sofa is made out of Argentine top grain leather, hardwood, and steel. Argentine’s have a bit of a reputation for trying to be the best of the best, and they have stuck with that here. The leather used is 1.2 mm thick, which is incredibly sturdy stuff. This sectional has a very modern design, and is made right here in the U.S, unlike almost all the other sofas, which are made in China. Plus it comes with throw pillows!

Cons: It is really expensive compared to the other sectionals I have here.

Company Integrity: Overstock is a massive online mall, so they are very good at what they do. However, I am always a little suspicious of big business. They do a fairly good job at being approachable and transparent, but not perfect. Their furniture has a Q&A section that they keep up to date. Their customer service is satisfactory, but not exceptional. They do have the Club O membership, which provides some nice benefits like cashback on your orders, so you can save quite a bit of money if you do a lot of your shopping there.

Overall Rating: 3. Like I said, they do well. I have no qualms about recommending them for sectionals. Keep in mind that not all their sectionals are quality leather, but they have quite a few good ones. They aren’t going out of their way to deceive you, and they will usually answer your questions about their products.

Hayneedle Leather Sectional Review

Pick #1: Abbyson Living Davis Top Grain Leather SectionalHayneedle Abbyson Living Leather Sectional

Price: $2,237

Pros: All leather, with top grain seating areas, and hardwood frame. It has a chaise, which is often desirable.

Cons: The back and sides are split grain leather, characteristic of this price range. Nothing super exciting about it, but nothing is really wrong with it either.

Pick #2: Elements Corsario Top Grain Leather SectionalHayneedle Elements Sectional

Price: $3,178

Pros: Elements does nice work. This sectional is all top grain leather and hardwood, with fancy brass nailheads. It also has a chaise.

Cons: It isn’t super huge, but no other major drawbacks.

Pick #3: Elements Easton Top Grain Leather SectionalElements Easton Leather Sectional

Price: $5,062

Pros: As usual, all top grain leather and hardwood. I like that this one comes not only with a sofa, corner seat, and loveseat, but it also includes the accent chair you can see in the picture. It also has brass nailhead accents.

Cons: At this level, price is your only downside. All around beautiful furniture.

Company Integrity: Hayneedle is pretty solid. They don’t have quite the speedy response time as Wayfair, but they still have Q&A available and answer within a day or two. They provide free shipping, which is a big deal for furniture. All around, a good company to buy from. They are trustworthy.

Overall Rating: 2. They have a smaller selection than Wayfair, and they don’t provide quite as much detail on the products, but all in all , they do their job. I wouldn’t have worries about buying something from them as long as I made sure I was getting good leather(which is the purpose of my reviews).