Leather Office Chair Reviews

Whether you work from home, or sit in an office building, everyone wants a comfortable office chair. Odds are that you spend close to 8 hours in it each day, so it needs to be good. Plus, if you have a super cool stylish leather office chair you can be the envy of all your co-workers, which is always a bonus. I know we don’t all have the same budget, so I’m going to try to include some price variety in my top 3 pick for each supplier.

Wayfair Review

Pick #1: Adjustable High-Back Leather Office Chair1st Pick Leather Office Chair

Price: $225

Pros: This is my low price pick for this site. You can find chairs that are cheaper, but this is the best chair you can get for a low price. It isĀ  Top Grain Italian Leather, easily assembled, adjustable, and has a nice padded back and arms. Basic, but high quality.

Cons: Not super fancy. It is just a black leather office chair. You may be comfy, but you probably won’t be the absolute envy of all your coworkers, because it doesn’t look all that exciting.

Pick #2: Mayline Mid-Back ChairMid Back Leather Office Chair

Price: $570

Pros: Just the fact that this is all Top Grain leather is impressive, since most the chairs in this price category are part leather, and then part matched vinyl or nylon. This thing is built for comfort. It is super padded, and has a vast array of adjustments and tilts including swivel, seat adjustment, tilt, tilt tension, tilt lock, and synchronized knee tilt. Plus free shipping!

Cons: Built for comfort, not style. Like the previous pick, it looks rather plain, and only comes in black. It looks like…well an office chair.

Pick #3: Seven Seas Maximilian Executive ChairLeather Executive Office Chair

Price: $1071

Pros: This one was a tough choice. I almost chose the Edison Executive Chair, but I like the lighter color of this one more. Again, all top grain leather, plus the base material is wood, which I think is always a nice touch. It has the usual seat and tilt adjustments and swivel. This chair is super padded and isn’t just built for comfort, but is meant to be stylish. If you are wanting one of the classiest looking chairs around, this is the one. It says “Even if I’m not the CEO, I probably should be”. That must be why it is called the executive chair. And, as an added bonus, free inside delivery.

Cons: Honestly, the only downsides are that it is a bit pricey. If you have that in your budget, I don’t see downsides.

Company Integrity: I’m looking at Wayfair, not the subcompanies within it. First of all, they take great care with their delivery, even internationally, and make sure your product gets there without scratches and scrapes. They have phenomenal customer support, and I had answers to my questions literally within minutes of emailing them. I am usually wary of big sites with a lot of facets like this one, but they do a pretty good job of still being open and friendly.

Overall Rating: 3. This is an overall rating, not just a rating on the chairs I have reviewed. Those three chairs would have a higher number. You just need to be careful if you are shopping around here. They have a lot of quality leather products, but they also have a lot of bonded leather furniture that looks just like the good stuff, so you have to read carefully and make sure you are really getting what you want. For the most part, they do fairly well at telling you within the “Specifications” section what the chair is made of. They don’t have a huge variety of good top grain leather office chairs, but they have enough that I would give them a good recommendation.

Hayneedle Review

Pick #1: Hooker Beladora Swivel Desk ChairHayneedle Leather Office Chair Review

Price: $1,250

Pros: They use the word elegant a lot in describing this chair. I feel like that is an accurate word for it. This thing is elegant as no other. It has a sort of antique look, and is made of top grain leather and hardwood, maple and olive ash to be precise. This is like the fine china of the chair world.

Cons: You are paying $1,250 dollars for an office chair. If that is something within your budget, or if you can right it off as a company expense or something like that, not a lot of downsides. I would like to see it with a bit better arm padding though.

Company Integrity: Fairly solid. Free shipping and 30 day returns, plus they have a rewards program that gives you some of your money back. Their response time for customer support isn’t lightning fast, but it is acceptable. One major downside these guys have in the leather office chair department is that I have only found 2 chairs of theirs that are top grain leather, and they are both very pricey. Basically unless you want the one pictured above, go to another site like Wayfair for your office chair.

Overall Rating: -1. These guys are fine other places, but the office chairs are lacking. If I were just rating this one chair I picked, then the rating would be much higher. However, this is a look at the site as a whole when it comes to office chairs, and they just don’t have a lot to offer that other places don’t. They have one nice, unique chair. That’s about it.