Leather Furniture is incredibly popular for many of the reasons we’ve already discussed. One of the  largest pros of leather furniture is that it carries with it a sense of style and class. When you walk in someone’s house that has nice leather furniture, your immediate subconscious thought is usually “Wow…classy”. Now the downside that just about everyone is aware of is that leather furniture is expensive. That’s the entire reason Bonded Leather came into existence! People wanted to look classy without paying the price! But this is once again the trickery of advertisers. As with other products, we will explore different options to get quality leather furniture, and where to watch out for bonded leather impostors. I will discuss various furniture types individually, since some companies specialize in one thing or another.

These reviews are going to be a little different from our other product reviews since furniture is kind of its own game. There are so many different suppliers, styles, options, etc. So what I am going to do is have a layout similar to do is select my top 3 favorite pieces from each supplier in each category, and I will give a price, pros, and cons for each piece individually, and then the company integrity and overall rating below those to give you a big picture view.  Take a look below for a vague example.

Generic Furniture Place

Leather Furniture Set

A picture of the product will usually be here

Pick #1: The Cheapest Piece of Furniture that is still really high quality.

Price: $Usually Rounded to the Nearest Dollar

Pros: I usually verify that it is good leather, most often top grain for furniture. This section also includes product features, or things that I personally think are cool, and the reasons that it is one of my top picks.

Cons: Usually my top picks don’t have a ton of cons, but nothing is perfect, so there is usually something here. Some slight drawback that isn’t a huge deal. Usually these things are a matter of personal preference.

Pick #2: Mid-Range Price

Price: Whatever it may be

Pros: Same as above. Usually slightly more pros to account for the higher cost.

Cons: Same as above.

Pick #3: Top Tier Price

Price: Usually pretty high

Pros: Same as above. There are often a lot since it is my favorite item regardless of cost.

Cons: Same as above. There are rarely any cons in this tier.

Company Integrity: Here I talk about what I like/dislike about the supplier itself. They could have great products, and have a low company integrity, or I could think they are awesome, but their stuff is low quality. However, usually quality products and a quality company go hand in hand. I look at factors like transparency in advertising, friendliness of customer service, speed of customer service, passion for what they are doing etc.

Overall rating: Runs on a scale from -5-5. -5 means I would actively try and stop you from shopping there, and 5 means I would strongly encourage you to shop there. 0 is a perfect neutral score, which means I won’t stop you from shopping there, but I won’t try and talk you into it either. Most of the places I review fall somewhere in the 0-4 range, though I occasionally do some that are awful, usually if they aren’t worth my recommendation, they aren’t worth the time it takes to write a review.