Our next company spotlight is for Huskk. Since Huskk almost exclusively makes wallets, this will really end up being not just a company review, but also a Huskk wallet review. As usual, we will try to remain impartial while also recognizing how Huskk has acted in their interactions with us.

About Huskk

Huskk is all about minimalism. They want to provide a stylish, non intrusive wallet that is as convenient as possible. They classify themselves as “free thinkers”, and simplicity is definitely their end all be all.

Huskk Wallet ReviewHow’s The Quality?

Most of Huskk’s wallets are made of Italian leather, of relatively high quality. Many of Huskk’s wallets are cell phone case/wallet combos, and the cases themselves are made of plastic. Since I’m not a plastic expert, I can’t vouch for the quality there. However, the leather parts themselves are nice. Oddly enough, along with wallets, they also sell a leather bowtie, which is also nice quality.

And Price?

Huskk has recently brought down their prices by a significant margin. With the reductions, it makes their prices very competitive, especially if you are getting both a phone case and a wallet. As an added bonus, if you follow this link you can get a 10% discount on everything.

How About Customer Service?

Huskk ships worldwide, and they provide a 6 month warranty on all their products. If there is any sort of defect on their part, they will pay for return shipping and refund it. They also have a repair service if you mess something up outside of their warranty. In my experience they are pretty open communicators and will work with you to make you happy.

Anything Else I Should Know?

They only make phone cases for iPhones, so if you are an Android user and you want a Huskk wallet, you can’t get the phone case version. As a whole, they don’t have a ton of different options when it comes to product variety.


Honestly, I like Huskk. They have always been very kind to me personally, and seem to really care about their customers. They aren’t the most versatile company in the world, but they make pretty nice, convenient, minimalist wallets. If you aren’t the minimalist type, they may not be your thing. But if you are, enjoy your 10% discount and leave a comment with your thoughts on whatever you get to help other interested people.

As always, if you have a company or product you want reviewed, leave a comment and let me know. I’ll get on it as soon as possible!