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Top Christmas Gifts For 2015

  Christmas is right around the corner, and coming up with the perfect gift is hard. So I've compiled a list of my top Christmas Gifts for 2015. Now you could break this down into a ton of sublists: Best Christmas Gifts for men, best Christmas gifts for women, top...

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Old Looking Leather Journals

While I was looking around at the different cell phone cases that look like books, I ran into a few of these cool old looking leather journals. The more I looked, the more cool options I found! This will be really similar to the cell phone case write up, with a few of...

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Cell Phone Cases That Look Like Books

I've been on the hunt for fun new leather products again, and I think I've found a gem. You have probably figured it out from the title, but these are leather cell phone cases that look like books. Fun, right? What Makes Them So Great? It isn't like these are anything...

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Safavieh Furniture Reviews

After my little tirade about Sunny Designs, I thought it fitting to talk about a furniture company that has some positive things to say about it. While doing reviews for various furniture retailers, I have had the opportunity to do numerous Safavieh Furniture Reviews,...

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Leather Strop For Knife Sharpening

As I mentioned before, I'm going to have a lot of fun things I discover here on the blog. One of those things I recently have learned about is the use of a leather strop for knife sharpening. I'm not manly enough to shave with a straight razor, so I never gave strops...

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