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Author: Dallin

TLT Inc Non Rimmed Custom Leather Coasters Review

Overview We have a whole article talking about Texas Leather Trim Inc as a company, so we will keep the overview brief, and you can read that article if you want more detail on them. What’s important right now is that one of the great products they make are custom leather coasters that can be monogrammed to fit your needs. Quality There isn’t a whole lot to go into detail about with the construction of coasters. These coasters are just one piece of solid leather, about 8-10 oz. The edges are finished, and the bottom has been sealed with...

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Huskk Wallet Review (With Coupon!)

Our next company spotlight is for Huskk. Since Huskk almost exclusively makes wallets, this will really end up being not just a company review, but also a Huskk wallet review. As usual, we will try to remain impartial while also recognizing how Huskk has acted in their interactions with us. About Huskk Huskk is all about minimalism. They want to provide a stylish, non intrusive wallet that is as convenient as possible. They classify themselves as “free thinkers”, and simplicity is definitely their end all be all. How’s The Quality? Most of Huskk’s wallets are made of Italian leather, of...

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Leather Coats Etc Review

The next company lined up for our company spotlight/review is Leather Coats Etc. As usual, we’ll try to keep our review as unbiased and accurate as possible, highlighting both the positive and negative qualities of each company. About Leather Coats Etc. Leather Coats Etc is an American based company that, surprise surprise, sells leather coats and other various articles of clothing. “Etc” here means a lot of things, including hats, footwear, luggage, skirts, pants, gloves, and handbags. In their words their “selection of sizes is unparalleled”, and they may be right. They have some products that go as large as...

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Fox Creek Leather Review

As usual, if they do leather, we’re going to do our best to provide a review for them. Our Fox Creek leather review is the next in a long line of leather company reviews. About Fox Creek Leather Fox Creek’s big specialty is really motorcycle leathers. They were started in Independence Virginia in 1976 as a way for the owner, Paul, to feed his family. It is the classic American Dream story of an entrepreneurial startup born out of desperation.  He sold his stuff on the road at motorcycle shows and swapmeets, and hoped that he could get enough...

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Where Can I Buy Leather Scraps?

I have recently been amazed at how many people have been asking “Where Can I Buy Leather Scraps?” or even just Googling phrases like “Where to buy scrap leather?” So due to popular demand, I’ve put together some of my favorite scrap leather places, listed from most expensive to least! 1. SaddleBack. Expensive, But Great! Saddleback Leather has a phenomenal internet reputation. They make incredibly high quality leather, and so the scraps of that leather are high quality as well. The only downsides to Saddleback are that they have a fairly limited variety of colors, and they are pretty...

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