Third Wedding Anniversary Gifts

As discussed here, the Third Wedding Anniversary is a big deal, filled with romantic symbolism, and a rich history. If you want to make this occasion a special one with a traditional gift, look no further. I have listed some thoughts and ideas here, and feel free to comment or contact us with fun ideas that you have come up with. Some of our favorite products within these categories can be found here.

Traditional 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Now I know every man is different, so I am going to try to give examples of just about everything I can think of, and I’m sure one of them will fit. Belts are one of the first ones that come to mind. Just about every man I know wears a belt every day, and they came in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. Another great gift that just about every man is always in the market for is wallets, or perhaps a cell phone case that doubles as a wallet. These are varied enough that they can fit both the blue collar and white collar world, and anything in between. If your man is a working man, boots are a must have, and leather boots will hold up well regardless of how rigorous his workload is. Gloves fit in that same vein. Now I know most of those sound really bland, and not all that special, but something that is great about working with true leather is that it is incredibly customizable. You could stamp in your spouses name, your wedding date, or even an inside joke! Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Something personalized helps your loved one know that you care and that you put thought into their gift. It also makes it a one of a kind, just for them. There are some incredibly unique gifts for men that have unique hobbies. Custom leather holsters are a big hit, and if he is brave enough to shave with a straight razor, your guy may need a leather strop. There are tons of options, so make it fun and interesting!

Tradition 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Don’t worry fellas, there are tons of great wedding anniversary gifts for the ladies too. Obviously all the ones mentioned for men can work for women too. It’s not like girls don’t use wallets, and as I said before, you can customize them to fit the person.

Various Wallets

Plain, flashy, and everything in between

Some women like more flashy and colorful accessories, some like them plain and simple, and some like something in between. The same principles applies to purses and handbags. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and can be personalized with a nice little message for your loved one. And, as discussed elsewhere, these purses and handbags will last way longer than most, literally decades.  Another item that a lot of women seem to have a great interest in is real leather skirts.leather pillow A lot of homemakers would love to be able to have fine leather furniture, but not everyone can afford that. Something you probably could afford though is a nice leather pillow! Unconventional? Sure, but sometimes you have to get creative.

Moral of the Story

The point I am trying to make is that this is a special occasion, and you don’t have to use a “modern alternative” due to lack of traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gifts. There are tons of creative and fun options to put a smile on your loved ones face.

If you have a great gift idea, a story of an anniversary gift you gave, or any questions for me, leave it in the comments below. The possibilities are endless, and maybe you have thought of something I haven’t.